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Navigating today's world isn't easy...for anyone. We have unlimited access to information and communication, however many are feeling more isolated, alone, and overwhelmed now more than ever. Pathfinders encompasses my desire to help you find your own path in your own way. This may include medication, recommendations for therapy or healthy behavioral changes. Regardless of where you or your loved one is starting, there is always hope for change. 

I love working with all ages, however I have a special passion for connecting with teens and young adults as the decisions and actions they take at this stage of their lives can seriously impact the trajectory of their futures. 

During our first session, we will complete a full psychiatric evaluation, following which, treatment recommendations will be made. I see patients typically every 4-6 weeks until medications are optimized (if indicated) while also providing supportive counseling. Once symptoms are well controlled, medication follow up typically occurs every 3-6 months depending on level of stability. 

If you are already connected with a therapist, I will happily collaborate with that provider to ensure quality care. Should you need a therapy referral, there are several great therapists in the community who I readily refer to with great patient outcomes. 


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